Newest member of the team

Newest Team member............

Hi, my name is Ewok, and I am the newest member of the team here at Garreg Goch Caravan Park.  I have been here just over a week now, and I have loved every minute so far!  I have travelled a very long way to get here, as I have come all the way from Gran Canaria!  My mummy, (who also works here) very kindly rescued me, and I am looking forward to having a very happy life here with her!

As you can see, I am still quite young (as I am only 18 months old) so i am very lively still.  I like to keep my mum on the go!  We go out for walks about 6 times a day, not only does it keep me happy, but it gets my mum out of the flat! Woof woof.  I can't wait to get outside and stretch my little legs and get to know all these wonderful and exciting new smells!

I like to try and chase all the birds and bunny rabbits that i see, but my mum won't let me ( she's good like that!) and that's why we are not allowed off the lead whilst on park.

When my mum takes me out for one of my many walks, we walk around the caravan site to check and make sure everything is alright.  We do this first thing on a morning, (I like to wake my mum up early, but she doesn't like it!) and then we do the same last thing at night before we both go to bed.

I have been introduced to all the staff here now, Anne in the office and Ian and Rob on maintenance, and i get on very well with all of them.  They have all been very kind to me and give me lots of cuddles when i see them out and about on my walks!  They even let me get in a couple of cheeky licks!

There is also this really big massive beach, which is behind the Caravan Park, (you just have to walk down a footpath at the side of the reception to get there!)  It is called Black Rock Sands.  We have only ventured down onto it a couple of times so far, so I am looking forward to going back on there soon.  My mum hasn't let me off the lead yet, (I think she is scared that i will run off and not come back!  I don't blame her though, what dog wouldn't want to run off along that beach!) so she lets me run along at the full length of my lead.  I am hoping that once she knows I won't run off and that I will come when she calls my name, that she will let me loose so i can wear myself out!

What I am looking forward to most though is greeting everyone when the Park re-opens in March.  I can't wait to have some new friends (not that there's anything wrong with my mum and the other staff) but I can't wait to get to know all you other dogs too!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that the caravan park is a pet friendly one, so make sure all you dogs that are reading this let your owners know that you can come too!  They have several static caravans that they allow us dogs in or you can come along in your owners touring caravan if they have one, but i'll go into all that further another time.

I think I have said enough now, plus it's time for my mum to take me out again!

Bye for now.

Woof woof!!

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