Spring Bank Holiday Fun

BBQ time at Garreg Goch....................

Bank Holiday weekend had arrived which meant it was BBQ time!  On Friday afternoon we had a trial run with the BBQ (have to make sure it's in good working order of course!) so we didn't waste anytime on Sunday.  With that done we were able to concentrate on everything else, like making sure we had enough burgers and sausages!

It was a good job we were not having the BBQ on Saturday as the weather wasn't very nice.  We definitely chose the right day with Sunday!

The day started out a bit overcast and looking like it wasn't going to be very nice weather.  By the time lunchtime came around, the weather had started to change and it was time to get the gazebo and BBQ out.

With Ian in charge of the rest of the staff, we had the gazebo up in no time(with a little help from a passing customer, and lots of laughs and giggles from the staff too!)  It took us less time than we thought to get it up.  With the gazebo in place it was time to get the BBQ out.

Once the BBQ was in place, it was time to get everything else out, from drinks, crisps and sweets to the raffle prizes and the bingo machine!

By this point the sun had come out and it had turned into a lovely afternoon.

The staff were raring to go so it was time to light the BBQ.

It wasn't long before owners and customers were turning up with deck chairs and blankets in tow.  With the burgers and sausages on the go, they were starting to queue.  Rob did a fantastic job cooking and managed to keep up with the demand for food.

It was down to Anne and Ian to sell the drinks and sweets and raffle tickets, and they did a very good job too, keeping track of who wanted what and how many raffle tickets.

We had a good range of raffle prizes, some of which had been very kindly donated by our owners, which gave us a total of 21 prizes!

As always, Bingo went down really well, although i think i was a bit optimistic thinking everyone was going to play 6 games at Full House!  The first two games took a little while, and what with me not being able to shout very well, well, you can imagine what it was like!  We gave up on the full houses and played for a line instead.  I think everyone much preferred this (so now we know for next time!)

All in all a good afternoon was had by all.  It was a good practice run for our next one during the summer.  A total of £93.00 was raised for the Welsh Air Ambulance, and that was just from the raffle and bingo!  This will be added to the £117.00 from Easter along with any other monies raised throughout the year and presented to the Welsh Air Ambulance at the end of the year.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see/ have at the next BBQ fun day then please just pop into the office and let us know.

I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU to Anne, Ian and Rob, the staff here at Garreg Goch for all their hard work on Sunday afternoon in making it a successful afternoon.

Here's to the next one in August................................................................................

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