We all play a part in keeping our beaches beautiful and litter free

So why not set yourself the 5 item Womble beach challenge?....this is how it works

Every time you visit the beach challenge yourself to pick up at least 5 items of plastic or litter that has been washed up with the tide, or discarded by litter-bugs. Just like the Wombles! the popular children's television characters.

I am luck to go to the beach 3 or more times a week to walk my dog, and am dismayed of the increasing amount of litter that is lying around. 
Everyone is responsible for our environment,  because there are thoughtless individuals who have not a care in the world for where their burger box lands. What is even more dismaying is watching people walk by or even step over it. 

So every time i go to the beach i pick up as many items of discarded plastic, fishing nets and fast food containers as i can hold, then pop them in the bins provided. My young dog has also picked up my habits and is also rounding up plastic wrappers and packing straps. Believe me, once you start doing it, it becomes strangely addictive, and it is satisfying to see the beach a little cleaner, and to feel i have done my bit to keep our stunning beaches just the way they should be.

So get your friends and family involved, if we all picked up just 5 items, even if they are as small as bottle tops, the beach will remain a beautiful, picturesque and litter free haven


Author: Sharon & Archie the dog. Garreg Goch Caravan Park. Porthmadog, North Wales


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