David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme

Have you ever visited Garreg Goch and wondered why areas of the park were left to grow wild? Or why we ask you to dispose of your rubbish in various coloured bins? Have you ever seen a weasel or hedgehog on park, or watched the birds at the bird feeder? Have you noticed our David Bellamy posters, information sheets and stickers and wondered what it was all about? 

As we have just had our annual assessment for the David Bellamy award we thought some of you might like to know a bit more about this scheme. 

The David Bellamy award scheme was created to recognise the work many parks like our own holiday park here at Garreg Goch do to promote conservation on their land. Enlightened park owners realise that the natural beauty and setting of their park is a priceless asset which deserves to be nurtured. 

David Bellamy Conservation Awards are made each year to parks which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment. Assisted by local nature groups and holidaymakers themselves, David Bellamy looks at virtually every aspect of park management - from the protection of plant and animal habitats to the efficient use of energy and recycling. Helping visitors to understand conservation is also considered an important qualifying feature. Three levels of excellence can be achieved : Gold, Silver and Bronze.

This area of Wales enjoys great natural beauty and it is important to us, our visitors and local residents that our impact on the environment is minimal. Garreg Goch has attained a sufficiently high standard of environmental sustainability to be given a Gold Award which is recognition that we operate in an environmentally friendly way, managing our land to support wildlife and minimising waste through good practice and recycling. 

The results of our efforts, aside from the award of which we are very proud, is an unspoiled, stunning location in which you can enjoy your holiday. 

The main areas that will be allowed to flourish naturally are from the entrance to the end of the Paddock area, all embankment and hilly areas, and the hedging behind all holiday homes. The designated areas will be encouraged to be homes to insects, wildlife and wild flowers. 

This year we had a blackbirds nest just under the entrance to the open toilet at the shower block. It was fun to watch both Mr and Mrs Blackbird scurrying about looking for food for their chicks and waiting patiently for any worms to come their way when we were digging nearby. All chicks were reared successfully. We plan to introduce bat boxes at various locations around park later this year. 

We would love your comments and any ideas regarding the scheme. We have various wildlife postcards for sale in the shop along with an information board and wildlife spotting book, so if you see anything unusual around park, please let us know!

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