Chickens update

The chickens are settling in well and getting used to us more and more. I can now reach down and stroke them like you would a dog or cat. You really need them to get used to being touched and handled in case there is something wrong occasionally, or you need to medicate them or check them over. Once you do pick them up, however, there is nothing to them - they are all feathers and fluff!

They all have their own little characters, Saffron (ginger one) is by far the friendliest and nosiest, always the first to run out to greet you and the last to bed at night. In fact, most chickens put themselves to bed each night once the sun starts going down, so I just look out of the window to see if they are all in the coop. Once they are, I go to shut the coop, but as Saffron hears me approaching she will come running out to see if I've brought some last minute treats with me. I just say "bed time, lady" and she turns around and goes back to bed!

Edina (dark one) is still a little bit shy and has only taken food out of our hands a couple of times. She is the smallest and tends to hang around waiting for the other two to drop anything tasty her way. 

Patsy (black and white one) hovers somewhere between the other two, but is quite friendly and always comes running for a treat. 

In all cases, grapes and tinned sweetcorn are by far the preferred treats. 

But come on ladies.....a reward for all these goodies in the shape of an egg or two would be appreciated!  I'll be posting a photo when that magic day happens!

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