Cluck cluck!

We’ve got chickens!
I’ve been wanting some chickens for a couple of years and asked the boss if I could keep just three when he visited at Easter – always a good time to talk about eggs!

I had looked at chicken coops and runs previously on the internet, but was impressed by the features of this space age coop. It was quite expensive, but is very easy to clean and maintain, easily moveable and I liked it!

The coop and the starter kit arrived on Wednesday so off we went to pick up the ladies. When we got to the smallholding there were quite a few chickens to choose from, all I asked for were three different coloured ones so that I could name them.

After bringing them home and building the coop and run, the chickens seemed quite happy in their new home, and soon settled down well.

Watch this space for regular updates and pictures, plus the discovery in a couple of weeks of an egg or two.

And in case you are wondering their names are Saffron (ginger one) , Patsy (stripey one) and Edina (dark one). We did toy with the idea of giving them some Bolly to drink but decided to start them on water!

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