We have an egg!

I got my first egg this morning - although I don't know if it was the first one ever laid, she can't have been laying too long as it is very small, but perfectly formed!

I let the chickens out of their coop and run each morning at 7.30am.
Then they eat their breakfast and wander round the garden.
Ian has been saying for a few days that the ginger one should be laying and we have checked her pelvic bones, which have been wide spacing for a few days.

When I next went out to check on them this morning, it was just after 9am and the egg was on the grass next to the run. There were two seagulls on the caravan next to the fence, making a hell of a racket, so we think now that the ginger one has been laying on the grass and the seagulls have stolen the eggs before I can get to them. The one I got this morning was very warm so had just been laid, I must have gone out at the correct time.

In future, I will open the coop, but leave the gate on the run closed until after laying, to encourage them to lay in the nest. I've also put a "shop"egg in the nest to encourage them to lay in the correct place. 

If you would like to see the chickens when visiting, please ask Kath, if you bring a few treats with you, they will feed out of your hand and love you forever more. Their favourite treat by far is grapes!


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