Me Again...........

Woof Woof,

Hello, it's me Ewok again.
It's been a while since I last wrote so I thought I would give you an update on how I've been settling in.

Everything's been going well, or at least I think it has, my mum might think different, but I'll get to that a little later!

I'm still getting out for my 6 walks a day, which is great, although I'm not liking all this rain!  It's leaving far too many puddles, and I don't like walking in them!  My mum thinks it's funny as I avoid them whenever I can, or if I have to go through them I run so I'm not getting wet for too long.  My mum also gave me my first bath the other week too, and that was an experience I wish I did not have to repeat!  I think I scared here when I jumped out of the bath and then got her soaking wet when I shook myself to dry off!  It's only fair that she gets wet too!

I've been a naughty boy too.  I think my mum dreads coming back home as she doesn't know what will be waiting for her when she does.  You know those big packs of toilet rolls you get?  Well, i think the pack my mum had was a pack of 12.  Anyway, I decided one day, whilst my mum was at work, that the one out on the side looked tasty.  So I took it off the side in the bathroom and chewed it too bits in the hallway.  I think it was safe to say that my mum was not happy, but I gave her the most sorriest of looks I could, and she soon gave in and gave me a cuddle (after she told me off first!)  So i decided to do the same again the next day, but this time I took 4 from out of the packet and left pieces of them strewn around the flat.  My mum was even less impressed this time!  She was even down on her hands and knees cleaning it all up!  But I gave her the same look as last time, and all was fine ( again, only after she had told me off!)  You would of thought that by now she would have shut the door, but oh no.  I left it a couple of days before I decided to do it again, although this time, I took a fancy to some of her DVDS too, as well as another 4 toilet rolls!  I really had upset my mum this time, so now she shuts all the doors so I can't get in anywhere!

My mum has just had a new sofa delivered too, and I think she's scared that I'm going to destroy that too.  Although she has put a blanket on one side for me, so I know that that side is mine, and that it is alright for me to go on there (as you can see from the picture my mum took).  It's very nice that sofa and I love being able to get cuddled up on an evening with mum and she strokes me to sleep.  I think I have even snored a few times as I've woken up to my mum giggling as she finds it funny when i snore!  It just means that I am very happy where I am and would not want to be anywhere else!

Mum's very busy getting the Park ready for opening at the moment as it is only days away now!!  I can't wait to meet all of you who will be coming to stay with us.  I hope I make lots of new friends.  Don't forget to say hello (woof woof) if you see me and my mum out and about on the Park.

Right, must go, mum will be back from work soon, so until next time........

Woof Woof


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